Hidden Games & Hacking Group Policies

I’ve got several large work projects in flight which has put a temporary damper on my longform technical writing time. The good news is that one of those projects is pretty interesting (long-haul mesh wireless between two Casinos) and would make for a useful tutorial on design, configuration, and wireless mesh best practices. More to […]

MX Design: Sizing Meraki MX Appliances

Firewall and WAN refresh projects have many components, but one of the first steps after vendor selection is hardware sizing. Even when working on POC/POV projects, rightsizing the hardware upfront provides a truer day-two experience and requires less rework once complete. My goal is to walk you through a consultative sizing process to properly size […]

MX Design: Warm Spare

Building redundant WAN routing and security services mitigates a critical single point of failure in mission-critical networks. If a single gateway fails, a standby unit can seamlessly continue servicing clients without disruption. There have been many proprietary and standards-based gateway redundancy protocols developed over the years to solve this problem. HSRP, VRRP, GLBP are all […]