Meraki MR26 Firmware Goes GA, Features Ensue

If you didn’t notice, Meraki’s MR26.X firmware was recently promoted to Generally Available status. That means it is now the default firmware build for all production networks and has passed the performance, quality, and scale thresholds required for mass adoption on production networks.

Besides the usual under the hood optimizations, MR26 introduces three specific enhancements – native Cisco Umbrella integration, alternate management interface, and mandatory client DHCP.

New RF Metrics and Jammed Channels

Quick update on some newly baked wireless features available in the Cisco Meraki Dashboard. RF Tab: Historical Wireless RF Metric Graphs Some seriously cool new WiFi service graphs were added to the RF tab within the AP Status page. The graphs plot out relevant wireless events over time (e.g. channel and power changes), client count, […]