MX Design: Sizing Meraki MX Appliances

Firewall and WAN refresh projects have many components, but one of the first steps after vendor selection is hardware sizing. Even when working on POC/POV projects, rightsizing the hardware upfront provides a truer day-two experience and requires less rework once complete. My goal is to walk you through a consultative sizing process to properly size […]

MX Design: Warm Spare

Building redundant WAN routing and security services mitigates a critical single point of failure in mission-critical networks. If a single gateway fails, a standby unit can seamlessly continue servicing clients without disruption. There have been many proprietary and standards-based gateway redundancy protocols developed over the years to solve this problem. HSRP, VRRP, GLBP are all […]

Cisco MX SD-WAN Connectivity Models

As I consult with companies and organizations ready to deploy a cloud managed MX WAN infrastructure, I’m constantly tasked with helping them understand the different connectivity models available and the appropriate deployment methodologies. With the WAN connectivity options evolving faster than ever, it’s important to know what options are available and more importantly help map […]