Want to join the Meraki Enterprise team? Let’s talk.

Want to join the Meraki Enterprise team? Let’s talk.

So here’s the deal; I’ll make this brief. You all are a very smart bunch. Our Cisco Meraki enterprise team hires smart people. And we now have openings in three markets.

NorCal, Atlanta, and NYC.

Meraki’s presence in the Fortune 500 enterprise space continues to grow at a remarkable pace and as our distributed team grows year over year, we need to bring exceptional engineers into the fold.

There are a ton of readers here that believe in Meraki’s mission of building simpler, faster, and smarter networks and would fit right in.

To be clear – we hire super-talented, technically phenomenal engineers/architects and making the cut isn’t easy. We literally have a 1% offer rate. It’s a tough process, but the other side of that means Meraki has the best people and culture on the planet. We have the R&D benefits of being part of the biggest networking company in the world, while retaining startup-style autonomy with big ambitions.

If you live in NorCal, Atlanta, or NYC (where we’re hiring for our enterprise team at the moment) and are interested, drop me a line.