Gartner: Operational Simplicity in 2017 Business Models

If you’re in any way involved with enterprise technology and haven’t seen Gartner’s 2017 Strategic Roadmap for Networking report, then I encourage you to give it a quick read. Very illuminating trends in the industry overall as cloud platforms are maturing and businesses are increasingly prioritizing agility-through-simplicity in a digital first economy.

Here’s a particularly notable comment from the analysts:

After decades of focusing on speed, network performance and features, innovation in the future network will target operational simplicity and business models more aligned with elastic cloud-based services, which are becoming more prevalent in, and demanded by, leading organizations. The evaluation of networking technology within the most successful enterprises will balance between functional, financial and operational requirements. Understanding when “good enough” is actually good enough will be critical to architecting networks that are ready for digital business.

– Danilo Ciscato, Mark Fabbi, Lisa Pierce

Sounds familiar.