Changelog: UI Updates, Uplink Overrides, and Office365

Changelog: UI Updates, Uplink Overrides, and Office365

New Warm Spare UI for MS and MX

Some of you may have noticed a slight change in the warm spare configuration in my recent MX warm spare design writeup. The Meraki UI/UX team has updated the warm spare configuration in Dashboard for both MX and MS. Configuration has moved to the switch and security appliance status pages.

The new interface is more intuitive all around. A particularly useful addition is the warm spare serial dropdown selection.

ms warm spare new UI
Updated MS Warm Spare UI
mx warm spare new UI
Updated MX Warm Spare UI

MX Local Uplink Bandwidth Overrides for Templates

Dashboard now supports MX networks bound to templates to override the template’s per-uplink bandwidth settings. This is going to be very well received by customers using templates to manage large numbers of MX sites that require the added flexibility to adjust local uplink bandwidth on a site-by-site basis.

For example, lets say you have 500 sites bound to a common MX template for a single, centralized VLAN, firewall, and VPN configuration. Previously, if those locations had different internet up/down connections form different internet providers then you were limited to making shaping decisions for WAN1/2 at the template level and unable to tune each site’s available bandwidth accurately. Now that’s changed and each site with a unique up/down ISP connection can be modified for better uplink management and load distribution.

To configure, select the child security appliance network bound to a template from the network dropdown. Then navigate to Security appliance > Traffic shaping > Uplink configurationmx template uplink overrides

Note that this child MX uplink override is completely optional. If no manual updates are made to the template-bound MX network then by default the network will still inherit the template’s settings.

New L7 Application Classifiers

I love when new categories and apps are added to the Dashboard application classifier dropdowns. Last week a ton of new business apps were added, including Office365!

new meraki l7 app categories

The great news is that these are available across the entire stack. You can use the dropdown categories and app selection for:

  • Wireless traffic shaping and QoS
  • MX traffic shaping and QoS
  • Group policy security rules
  • MX SD-WAN app SLAs

Very encouraging to see the ongoing effort in this area. As we move towards application-centric networking, being able to create policies based on relevant enterprise tools is increasingly important.

That’s All For Now

A few more exciting enhancements have been pushed over the past couple weeks that I’ll save for next week’s Changelog. The pace of the new feature enhancements has been impressive lately making it challenging to stay current.

Fast is good. Onward.

The Changelog series is an opportunity for to highlight the constant, behind-the-scenes updates to the Meraki cloud Dashboard that many operators aren’t aware of. Part of what makes the Cisco Meraki platform so compelling is the pace at which the Engineering and UI teams continue to iterate and improve the management experience. Featuring updates gives the community better insight into the elements being delivered. And, new is fun.