Changelog: Per-App LTE, Azure Syncing, & L3 Topology Updates

Changelog: Per-App LTE, Azure Syncing, & L3 Topology Updates

Systems Manager: iOS App Cellular Data Control

The SM team recently added the ability to control whether or not cellular data is allowed for iOS managed apps.

What is a “managed app”?

Either an application that was explicitly pushed to the device by Systems Manager or ‘Attempt to manage unmanaged’ was checked on the MDM > Apps page (and was allowed by the user).

These new cellular data controls can be applied per-app, using wildcard rules, or globally to all managed apps.

systems manager per-app cellular usage rules

Control MV Camera Playback Speed

A small enhancement was added to the video playback UI to allow for more granular playback speed controls. This can be toggled to 1/2/4/8x playback speeds.

meraki mv playback speeds

Unlike many NVR solutions that rely on fast-forward/rewind controls to find interesting events, MV operators can find specific, historic events much faster using the integrated motion search feature. Pick a field of view, select the general timescale, and all motion events within those parameters are immediately identified and available for playback.

For situations where manual Dashboard FF playback controls are helpful – it’s now available.

Note that it is only enabled for streaming over the local network, and will be greyed out during cloud streaming.

Goodbye, Hello

For those that use the network live tools you may have noticed a change in the default targets for ping tests.

meraki live tools using and were the previous endpoints and have been replaced with and This has been updated on all products live tool pages.

Why the change? Many likely reasons, but the having more control around the default destination targets for reachability tests from all countries might be a good one.

Even the web page looks very, well, Meraki.

Org-Admin Notification Preferences

All Dashboard admins receive critical email messages like license expiration notices or critical industry security vulnerabilities (like the recent PSIRT/KRACK WPA2 headache).

Some companies and service providers prefer only organization admins to receive such messaging or even a specific subset (using a custom mailer). The Organization > Settings page now offers email preference options for such scenarios.

meraki org-admin notification options

Azure Directory Syncing with MC

In addition to Google Directory and Active Directory, phone customers will now be able to sync their contacts directly from Azure.

meraki mc azure setup

New L3 Topology View

One of the best pages in Dashboard just got better.

Many seasoned network engineers built both physical and logical network diagrams because sometimes how devices are connected doesn’t tell the whole story – especially in large routed topologies.

Once enabled, the Meraki Topology view now displays a beta L3 topology option which transforms the visual elements to show routed interfaces and static routes configured on MXs and L3 switches.

meraki l3 topology view

Some quick details:

  • Nodes with interfaces on the same subnet will have lines drawn between them and if there are more than three nodes with interfaces on a given subnet, a pipe node is inserted to represent the subnet
  • Interfaces and static routes are displayed when you hover over a node
  • Vlan ID and number of clients are displayed when you hover over a subnet
  • Dynamic routing information currently isn’t displayed, but I’d imagine that’s in the works

Want to try it out for yourself? Just send a quick note to Meraki Support to have it enabled.