Big Week for Meraki MX and MR

Big Week for Meraki MX and MR

The Cisco Meraki team hit a major milestone this week. CRN, one of the largest network industry vendor publications recently announced the best selling enterprise firewall and wireless access point brnads of Q3, 2017 and the Cisco Meraki portfolio took the top spot in both categories.

The 5 Best-Selling Network Security Brands In Q3 2017

The Cisco Meraki MX 64 and MX 65 100 percent cloud managed network and security appliances are the two highest-selling models of the quarter. Cisco had six other network security devices crack the top 10 of the most- sold models during the quarter.

The 6 Best-Selling Wireless Access Point Brands Of Q3 2017

Cisco access points dominated the best-sellers list, claiming the top five positions, as well as the No. 9 spot. Cisco’s Meraki MR33HW was the best-selling access point in the quarter.

Impressive numbers for sure. Cisco Meraki’s double-digit growth is garnering more than just market attention – the platform is starting to dominate the market itself. This new record quarter follows on the heels of last year where the MR32 hit the top sales spot for a single quarter.

Earning the top spot speakes to the elastic scalability of the cloud platform as well as the general growth in the cloud-managed networking market. There’s something magic about being able to provision, deploy, and manage the same hardware stack across 10 sites or 10,000.

On the wireless front, the Meraki MR access points are now selling more than Aruba which is an indication of the feature maturity. The Meraki wireless group is now in a position where they have the leverage to begin entering niche markets (like hospitality with the introduction of the MR30H). The SD-WAN trend has been a tremendous tailwind for the MX now that it’s a core feature of the firewall platform. Unlike other offerings, on MX SD-WAN is a feature – not a product. Larger customers appreciate some of the advanced routing protocols like BGP that are now available for global-scale data center deployments. Native support for eBGP at the branch (coming) will only continue to grow the product. Combine that with SD-WAN template support and the AMP/Sourcefire stack and it becomes a really compelling WAN CPE device.

It will be interesting to watch this more closely in the coming quarters to see if Meraki can hold their dominate position.

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